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Glass Replacement & Upgrades


Glass Replacement is part of our foundations. We carry out all replacement glass on all types of windows and doors.


Over the years the double glazing industry has really pushed on.


We offer some truly spectacular products

Self cleaning glass for conservatory roofs or windows and doors.

Integral venetian Blinds that are installed inside the double glazed units allowing them never to get dusty and for a seemless look.


Solar Controlled glass for all those south facing large windows reducing the heat exposure by half.


We install all types of glass available on the market


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Window and Door Repairs

We Rennovate and repair all upvc windows and doors. We work closely with suppliers and have catalogues full of all the parts we can require

  • Replacement Hinges
  • Replacement Seals
  • New Handles, Spindles Etc
  • Lock Changes
  • One key for every door in your house

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